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Welcome to the brawlmaster08 Wiki!

Welcome to the brawlmaster08 wiki! Here, anyone can write just about anything related to brawlmaster08. We already have many videos, series, playlists, and more. In fact, we have pages right now! And we have no restrictions on new users, either. Though you can edit almost any page without an account, we encourage you to register an account if you're 13 or over.

NOTE: This wiki was NOT made by brawlmaster08/012 and is a Fan Made wiki for info about his YouTube.

Featured pages of the month

Featured Channel

BM012 Late 2013

brawlmaster012 is the featured channel from December 2013. In the past month not only has he made a return to ranting but has also started his own series called My Brother, Bradley. For those not in the know this is the second main account for brawlmaster08 and fourth overall. He posts Rants, AMVs, Analysis's, and more and is also a Nintendo, Infamous, and My Little Pony fan.

Featured Poem/Story


Gone was the final poem posted on brawlmaster08's DeviantArt account. It's almost a reflection of everything that he was then and used to be. How he overracted and how he was annoyed at what he did before. It was also about a user who called him faggot.

Featured Video

Fred Rant

Fred Rant is one of the most popular brawlmaster08 videos and one of the ones still saved to this day. It was about brawlmaster going over Fred's annoying character, merchandise, and popularity. It was originally posted on YouTube on November 11, 2009.

Featured Photo

Brawlmaster08's main logo
brawlmaster08's main logo is the featured photo from December 2013. It was his first logo and his most popular one. After his account closed it became very rare and was only found by the owner of this site when looking up Mario in his Super Mario Sunshine jacket on Google.


We've got plenty of users ready to help! Just go to the Help fourm and follow the instructions. You're question will be answered in no time, whether it's something as simple as adding a link to as complicated as designing a customized template!

If anything you think is false then please contact a admin to figure out if your correct or not.

Here are some ways that you can help us:

  • Categorize pages, find out which pages have no categories in them then add what kind of subject they are and what account BM posted it in.
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  • Ask around town, so to speak. Get to know who our admins are. They can generally help out with blocking users who get out of hand.

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Brawlmaster08 photo he uses in videos


Anyone can write just about any info they know about brawlmaster08/012. Use the button below to create your own page. Use the links below to find other things to do that can help us out.

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Our official sponsor is Brawlmaster08Archive a reuploader of brawlmaster08's past videos. Subscribe to him for more old brawlmaster08 and deleted brawlmaster012 videos.


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We are a 100% fan-run site and are not affiliated in any way with brawlmaster08/012.

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